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A Guide to Sharpening Broadheads

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This broadhead sharpening DVD is a guide for using many of today's sharpening tools to create super sharp broadheads. This dvd is for the experienced and novice alike. Everyone will end-up learning something from it. The first 30 minutets explores safety, broadhead history, brodhead types, what to look for when buying a broadhead, hemorrhaging , and much much more. The dvd will explain why it is so important to take your edges beyond a filed edge and hone it to a mirror finish.

Navigate the dvd using your remote and the menu chapter to find your type of broadhead and types of sharpening tools. This dvd will show you methods to sharpen using carbide sharpeners, Hand filing, Motorized tools, Fixed angle sharpeners, knife style sharpeners among others. The dvd will cover radius edges, straight edges, concave edges, single Bevel, double bevel and 3 blades.

The dvd will show you how to sharpen bleeder blades and other smaller replaceable blades with ease.  You will learn how to make your own homemade motorized sharpener for replaceable or bleeder blades.

You will see a penetration demonstration with three types of broadheads explaining how a cut on contact broadhead is far superior over other types. Don't be surprised if you find yourself pulling this dvd out and watching it again as a refresher sometime down the road. An in-depth dvd at 1 1/2 hours in length.