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Kassai Hun - 45@30 - KA45HU

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Brand: Kassai
Article number: KA45HU
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The Hun

Asymmetrical, the upper limb is 4.5 inches longer than the lower! No, it does not make the bow unbalanced or throw the arrow funny. But it does make it the best bow for horseback archery When strung the syhas rest so far forward that the string has to be held in place. This is accomplished with a fin along the back of sihas that the loops of the string lay on either side of. The bow throws an arrow at a velocity equal to a long bow of half again its draw weight. I know that does not sound right. I did not believe it at first, but I have come to enjoy the looks on experienced archers' faces as they watch the trajectory of the Hun's arrows. This is a precision instrument and is not forgiving. It gives you amazing efficiency but the design is limited to under 45#. It is 62 inches tall strung and unstrung. It has a 59 inch string. It does not start stacking until 36 inches of draw. The bow weights 2 lb 6oz.