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Rampart Bows were started by John Gottshalk of Louisville, Colorado. John started building bows before he retired from his professional career as a cabinet maker. John's cabinet making skills prepared him to make traditional bows that rivaled any in shootability, fit and finish. He quickly became very well liked and respected in this region of the country.

Rampart Bows are such sweet shooters that John could have easily made his name nationally known with just a little bit of marketing. John built bows for the enjoyment of building them, not for extra income or noteriety. He was a crafstman, and this became his craft.

In the spring of 2013 John passed away from lung cancer.

John sold his bows exclusively through RMSGear in Wheat Ridge, CO. Throughout the years John developed a close relationship with the Clum family. Before John passed he gave his bow making supplies to Tommy and Dan Clum. The Clum brothers told John that they would be honored to find a way to keep Rampart bows still going.

Three years later the Clum family asked Buddy Gould if he would be willing to build Rampart bows for RMSGear. Buddy was humbled and gladly accepted. Buddy is a full time bowyer who builds bows under his own company, Poison Dart Bows. Buddy has the wood working skills and attention to detail that would give tribute to John's Rampart. Not only that, Buddy is a good man.

We at RMSGear still miss John's weekly visits, smiling face, cheerful demeanor, and friendship. The archery community lost a fine man, and lost the source of some very fine bows. We are very grateful to Buddy Gould for his willingness to continue John's legacy, The Rampart Legacy.