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Thank you for visiting Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear is a 14 year old business that I now am lucky enough to run with my two sons Tommy and Danny. I owe great thanks to the many who have, and continue to help us develop this business.

We are dedicated to serving the traditional archer, we have a complete line of products and accessories ranging from optics, to quality American made packs, wool clothing, and we probably have the best and biggest cutlery store in the Denver-metro area.

Traditional archery is our passion. We are all dedicated to passing this sport on, and serving the people in this sport to the best of our ability. This is not our livelihood, it is our life style, and it is our passion. We have learned a lot over the years, and continue to learn through the knowledgeable people we are fortunate enough to meet every day in our store. If you need advice or someone to bounce ideas off of, please give us a call. We are a family owned and family run retail store that has now added mail order to our services. We will provide the same great service for our mail order customers and friends as to those who personally visit the store.

Thank you again for visiting.

Tom Clum
Owner, Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear






Dear Tom,

I would like to extend my deep thanks for all your help last week and your help to Mike the past few days. We are both so grateful for you and your shop to help us get better and therefore enjoy our beloved sport more and more. Everyone who works at RMSGEAR is very nice and very knowledgable. It seems these days that it is harder and harder to find anyone doing anything who not only is very good at their profession but also cares tremendously. You do both 150%! I will continue to do everything we can to refer as many hunters to your shop as we can!



Tommy, I just wanted to say thanks to you, Danny, your dad, and the rest of the guys there at the shop for all of the help you have provided over the last 4 years with gear set up for both me and my daughter.

RMSGear as a whole is one of the most pleasurable businesses I have ever dealt with, and has most definitely played a part in the success of my elk hunt this year. I am forever grateful and I intend to be a regular customer for many years to come.

I have attached a picture of the bull I was able to harvest this year. Feel free to add it to your gallery if you so choose! My setup was as follows: Martin Hunter Recurve CX Heritage Arrows STOS Broadheads

Kind Regards, Bill





I finally completed a 4 year quest for my first gobbler with traditional equipment. It has been one heck of a journey and I've enjoyed every minute.

This last Saturday I set up in a blind with my dad , set out 2 hens and a gobbler decoy. Coyotes put a screw in the plan right off the roost. The birds cleared the field quickly after fly down, but I knew if we set tight they would return. After about 2 and a half hour wait that's what they did. This bird with 2 others strutted in at 15yrds. I drew and anchored, but the bird wasn't making a shot possible. I held in anchor for about 5 seconds before the shot was there. I began back tension and released the arrow hitting the spot on the birds back exactly where I was looking. He dropped where he stood with a broken spine. Within seconds I was holding the reward god gave me for my hard work and patience. Hopefully he won't make me wait as long for the next, but if he decides that's the way it will be, I will enjoy the journey and challenges he lays before me.

I want to give a special thanks to the guys at RMSGear for the time they gave showing me an excellent way to shoot the traditional bow. If it was not for them I would not have been able to hold the anchor and pull off this shot. I give them my deepest gratitude. They truly are some of the best guys I have met in the traditional archery world.





Hey Guys, my box arrived today, and I wanted to take a minute to let you know that:

1. My material is beyond what I expected, and,
2. You are my "go to" guys for archery supplies and equipment from this point forward.

As I told you, the stuff I ordered is going straight overseas to my son, who will be delighted with it I can assure you. Thanks again for a bang up job, and you can rest assured you will be getting my business in the future.

Warmest Regards,


Hey guys, I just want to drop a sincere note of thanks for taking so much time to work with me on fine-tuning my setup last night. Danny and Tommy stayed late to tweak my setup and, in the end, showed amazing customer service by correcting a small error that had been made in a previous order. Though the error was my fault, they went above and beyond to fix things. I don't know of too many places willing to dedicate so much one-on-one time with a customer.

It's always a pleasure going to the shop and well worth the drive from Fort Collins.

Good luck with your upcoming hunts. 


Wow, I got my arrows and strings today and all I can say is I couldn't have imagined them being so perfect. Exactly what I asked for and the fletching is spot on, plus only two of them need minor straightening, and for cedar shafts traveling half way across the world I would expect a lot more straightening would be needed. They were packed better than any company I have bought arrows from, and a price I could get no one to even come close to for half the quality. They fly like darts and you got the spine spot on mate. Thank you so much for all your help and delivering a great product, which I am sure will get me my first sambar deer this season.

P.S. The strings are perfect and better than any mass produced string I have ever bought. You will have my business for arrows and strings for many years to come. I love seeing a great family run business with excellent customer service and quality products. I will be letting all my mates know where I got my arrows and strings from, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Cheers Mate,

J in Australia

Dear Tom,

I came in with my buddy Matt a few weeks ago -I was looking for a flashlight, to tell you the truth- and somehow about 4 hours later I walked out with three swollen fingers and a beautiful Wapiti Spike. I have been putting at least a few arrows through it every day, and it has brought me a great deal of joy. I just wanted to say thank you for spending so much time with me that day, but also for introducing me to something so pure, elemental and challenging.




I received my Spirit bow today. As I opened the packaging, I realized that I had an outstanding example of a fine bow. The wood, the finish, and the balance of the bow, all first rate. I took the bow outside this evening and tried shooting a few arrows. The bow is everything you said and more than I expected. This bow is very smooth, very quiet, and very forgiving. I am looking forward to spending a lot more time with this bow. The leather work on the arm-guard and on the pocket quiver is, in a word, craftsmanship. I want to thank you for all of your assistance in helping me get back into shooting a bow. You took the time to learn what I was looking for and your recommendations were spot on. I am very pleased with my purchase and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.


Danny & Tommy-

Just wanted to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for taking the time to help me find the right bow, and answer my numerous questions. The level of commitment you both provide the customer is outstanding. You guys blow away Bass Pro and Gander Mountain.


Just a note of thanks for all the help this past Saturday. As you could tell, my difficulty in achieving clean arrow flight with my new longbow was becoming frustrating. Both my wife and son insisted on a visit to your shop. Being a traditional shooter for decades, I felt reluctant (too stubborn) to ask for help. But I had to admit to both of them after we left that evening, it was well worth it. The release/longbow combination does funny things when trying to find the correct shaft spine. I'd tried a wide variety of spines in both carbon and aluminum, but nothing clicked for me. I'm still baffled why the Heritage150's with 225 gr. points flies so well, but I don't NEED to know, as long as it works. I feel much better now that the flight is nice and clean, and am already looking forward to this Fall.

Thanks also for the help that Jordan's girlfriend received, both in finding the right arrow for her bow, and for Tracy's brief shooting tutorial. It was entertaining, but should make us remember how it was to start from scratch. Brecca enjoyed it, laughed along with us, and is looking forward to shooting more as the weather improves.

I'm sure you're all very proud of the business you provide and it shows. You're very good at what you do, and it's not a bad job to have to go to everyday, either. I mean, how can you have a "bad day at the office" when traditional archery is involved? Thanks for being there for all of us!



I just wanted to send a big thank you out to everybody that helped me with my recent purchase. I am very pleased with my selection and I have to thank Tommy for the several hours he spent with me by stringing up nearly a dozen bows in order to help me decide. Danny I want to thank you for building a great set of arrows yesterday! I also need to thank Tom for getting my arrows tuned as well. It was a pleasure doing business with you guy's and I look forward to doing more.

All the best,


I'm proud to tell everyone I meet about your fantastic shop because I believe there isn't another place like it anywhere. To whoever may be reading this - these guys are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and just good people. If you want to bowhunt, you need to go to Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear - they will take care of you and help you make your hunt successful. I miss you guys and can't wait to come in and visit when I get home to Colorado!


To Tom, Tommy, and Tracy

Thank you for the time that you guys took to help me out in choosing a new bow. The experience and knowledge that you guys provided me with in your shop was outstanding. Your customer service and archery knowledge is second to no one. All of you guys should be really proud of the help and understanding that is provided at your shop. I left your shop feeling extremely grateful that I was able to meet and spend some time with you guys. I couldn't be happier with the Hawk recurve that I purchased at your shop, I am trying to shoot as much as possible, and seem to be progressing in the right direction. I look forward to the challenge in changing over to recurve from a compound.

Once again thank you, I will definitely be coming back in to see you guys, you have earned a life long customer.

PS:Those are some real hunting pictures and articles that you have loaded up on the website.

Thank you,


I just wanted to say thank you to Tommy and all of the staff at RMSG. I came in this past Saturday with my daughter and a Bear longbow that I had purchased at Bass Pro and the service I received will keep me coming back. I sneak out every chance I can to shoot my bow and now that I have the new heavier tips, the 6 new Predator carbons, and the pointers that Tommy gave me on holding the bow/release, I feel like I am starting to become more consistent....

The unparalleled service, knowledge and selection that you have at RMSG will keep me coming back for what I am sure is becoming a new lifelong passion. I will be in again soon and hope to get my daughter started at some point with one of your youth packages. I know the value of a shop like yours from many years in the Fly Fishing industry and I can't wait to learn everything I can.

Thank you!


Just a quick note to say thanks! you and your sons are a class act with the patience, knowledge, and methodology to the Tao of Bow. As a fellow instructor (firearms), I see someone who has a passion for not what some see as a hobby, but as a way of life. I can't say enough about your business!

Strong work!



I got my new Rampart home last night and shot about 20 arrows out of it - only because it got too dark. I don't have John's contact info so I'm hoping you can pass this on to him.

I love traditional bows. I have bought, sold and traded quite a few over the years. But without question, the bow that John built me is by far the finest shooting bow I've ever held. I know every bow shoots and feels differently to each shooter but this one, for me, is exceptional. I'm not just saying this to make John feel good - I'm honestly stunned at how great it is.

Thanks for all of your help with arrows and broadheads, too.



I bought a Rampart bow from you about a month ago, I've got to tell you I love the bow - hands down the sweetest bow I've ever owned. I don't think I will ever own any other brand again!!! Thanks.

P.S. The service I got at your archery shop made me a customer for life!!!


Just a note to say thanks again for visiting with me in your store last week. You guys did a great job setting up my new Spirit Longbow with the Carbon Express arrows. I'm pretty rusty at shooting a traditional bow but I'm getting in the groove now. Your efforts made the transition much easier for me and I'll be ordering some more arrows from you soon. Tell Bryan Holly that I'm very pleased with the way my bow came out and have already had a few people ask where to get one. My neighbor came over the other evening to shoot his Black Widow longbow (60lb.@28") and I have to say that the Spirit Longbow is much quieter and seems a little quicker too. My bow is 55lb.@28". I hope to be sending you some pictures of a successful hunt this fall.



Hi Tom

Thanks again for taking the time to get me fitted with the right carbon Heritage shafts and heads this fall.  I definitely hit the trail this season with greater confidence--and, it all paid off handsomely.

Happy Holidays to you, your family, and Burt.



Thanks a million for the great service that you have provided. Everyone that I have come in contact with at RMSG has been professional, courteous, and genuine. Sad to say, but in today's business world these characteristics have been hard to find. I took up archery, long bow style, this past spring (08). My teacher, Ron B. highly recommended contacting RMSG for archery equipment. "They're a great bunch of guys and they won't steer you wrong.", he said.

I went out to RMSG and explained to Tom and Burt what Ron recommended for my set up in terms of bow weight, height and draw. With that information they proceeded to give me their undivided attention. They had me try out different bows with shooting tips that made choosing easier. After about forty five minutes of experimenting they then matched me up with arrows. Since I did not have an idea on what I was looking for quality wise my complete trust was with them. Burt then made sure that I had all of the proper accessories needed before I left. By the time I left the store I was completely comfortable with my purchase.

When I received my archery set up a couple of weeks later I was like a little kid at Christmas. I shot at the local range and it was a perfect match-up, the arrows for the bow. Even when I had to reorder arrows Tom treated me like a gold customer. Still answering some of my questions and passing on his infinite wisdom. I am now turning to RMSG for my first take-down and they have guided me patiently and professionally.

Two weeks ago I entered my first ever 3-D shoot and placed second. Recognition goes to RMSG for matching me up with the proper equipment and their expertise. I have found that trying to match up the proper arrow is not simple. Thank you also for your guidance and wisdom.

Every chance I get I pass the word about RMSG to anyone I meet in the archery world. RMSG you have made my experience of beginning archery most enjoyable. Any store can have tons of equipment and accessories. There are few and far between that can give the service that RMSG offers. Thanks again for everything RMSG.



Dear Tom and Burt,

I wanted to thank the both of you for all of your help getting me prepared for the 2008 season. I knew when I came in earlier this year and Tom remembered my name since stopping in the year before, that I was in a good shop. Tom and Burt went above and beyond what is expected in helping me chose the right equipment. From advising me on what type of bow to the right broadhead, Tom and Burt treated me with respect and never made me feel like my inexperience was looked down upon. I came into the shop many times and was always greeted as if I was family. Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear has perfected the art of customer service and I will never buy from anyone else. Thank you Tom and Burt for your countless hours and expert advice. I will always think of RMSG when I look at my 6X5 first long bow killed elk.


P.S. I'll be in soon to pay for the file Tom gave me!

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