We are very sad to report that John Gottshalk, maker of Rampart Longbows and Recurves, has passed away due to lung cancer in April 2013. John made some of the sweetest shooting bows in the country. This is not the reason we will miss John. We will miss his weekly visits, smiling face, cheerful demeanor, and friendship. The archery community has lost a fine man, and lost the source of some very fine bows. We at Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear are heart broken.

John started building bows before he retired from his professional career as a cabinet maker. I am sure that his long career gave him the skills to make bows with some of the finest fit and finish anywhere. He greatly admired Herb Melandís Pronghorn bows and made a take-down long bow similar to the Pronghorn. He changed the limb angle slightly, added his own flairs, and reflexed the limbs slighting more. Many people came into our shop not looking to buy a bow, but tried a Rampart Recurve while they were in the shop and walked out with one. All of us here at the shop have put meat in the freezer with a Rampart bow.

As a testament to the type of man John was, he left us the money from the last bows that he had in the shop in order to take care of any new bow buyer that have warranty issues arise after his death. We were instructed to pay the best bowyer we knew to handle repairs, or to make a refund if the bow was not repairable. We will honor his wishes. John was a good man and a good friend.

We will dearly miss him.



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