Lakota Style Quiver

SKU: 801200
Our “out-the-front” Lakota style quiver is a seriously versatile hunting quiver.  You can wear it on your side in combination with your day pack without losing the ability to quickly pull out an arrow.  Find yourself belly crawling through the grass? Tighten the strap and throw it on your back!

The out-the-front design allows you to get an arrow in hand without the huge arm movements of a backquiver. 
  • Easily worn with a day pack
  • Minimal movement in taking out an arrow
  • Holds 1 doz field tips or 6 broadheads with ease
  • 25" long
  • 2.5" X 3.5" at bottom.

Colors may vary. 
Price: $85.00
Availability: Typically ships within 5 days
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Lakota Style Quiver
Lakota Style Quiver
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