Traditional Shafts

SKU: 201220
“Is that wood?” Nope, it’s better! It’s 100% carbon construction with a finish that traditional bowhunters cannot resist, and at a weight that most traditionalists require. 
  • Straightness: ± 0.006" max. 
  • Weight tolerance: ± 2.0 grains
 * Bare shaft weight
201220-3555355512 pack7.60.500"30"
201220-5575557512 pack8.60.400"32"
201220-7595759512 pack9.30.300"32"

We offer FREE arrow cutting and inserting. Please use the custom fields below to specify your desired length and whether or not you would like us to insert your arrows.
Price: $79.95
  • Gold Tip Spine:
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