Quviut Silencers

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Quviut (pronounced ki-vee-ute) is the Eskimo word for the underwool of the the musk ox (oomingmak), an animal that was hunted to near extinction by commercial whalers during the last century.

Quviut is as light as goose down, much lighter than any synthetic or fur currently being used as a string silencer. This relates to virtually no loss in arrow speed which is why it makes such a great string silencer. The grayish-brown yarn is especially hand spun into yarn for these silencers. 

Use Musk Ox string silencers on your bowstrings and shoot in stealth mode. May be used on Flemish twist or continual strand (double loop) bow strings. 
  • Sold by the pair 
  • Genuine Alaskan Musk Ox 
  • Easy to install 
  • Quiets string vibration like no other
Price: $29.95
Quviut Silencers
Quviut Silencers
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