Tapered Shaft Service

SKU: 201611

We are happy to now offer tapered shafts to our customers. This gradual 17.5" taper is soft and spot on. At $6 you cannot go wrong. 

Right now we are only tapering 11/32" shafts down to 5/16". 

We refuse to just lump some arrows together, regardless of physical weight, and sell them in 6# spine increments. That is not good customer service and does not ensure that our customers are getting a good set of wood arrows. For this reason we hand weigh and hand spine thousands of arrows at a time, and then match them up in groups from there. This is not a good way to sell large quantities of wood arrows, but it is a good way to build confidence in our customers that they are getting THE BEST set of wood arrows that they can. We do all this and still have them priced very competitively compared to what else is out there.

Tom didn't buy wood arrows that way before he started RMSGear. So he decided to offer a much more personalized service regarding wood shafts, even if that meant selling fewer.

For this reason we ask that you call or Email to order wood arrows. Since they are in groups of 12-14, and those groups are always changing slightly in grain weight and spine, there is just no efficient way to list them on-line.

Wood shafts are from Port Orford Cedar.

When we group arrows we usually match them to within 3lbs, for instance, 50-52#. Most arrow suppliers group them within 6lbs, for instance, 50-55#. 

We are not nearly as picky on grain weight as we are on spine weight, but still try and get groups within 5 to 10 grains when we can.  

We can also do self nocks and reinforced self nocks.
Price: $6.00
Our inventory is always changing. Please call to order.
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