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Used - Genesis 5 Star Bow Stabilizer 30" - STAB2KN

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Like new condition.


Carbon will dissipate vibration much better than hydraulics, mercury or aluminium.

Each carbon rod is fitted with an aluminium insert cap. The carbon rods function individually, much the way a tuning fork performs. This configuration greatly dampens shock and vibration.

The sliders are aluminum with 1/2" stainless steel weight, and allow the stabilizer to be fine tuned by moving the slider forward or backward.

If the group is vertical, the slider must be moved back. If the group is horizontal, then the slider must be moved forward. Moving the slider in small increments will allow the group to become larger or smaller as it is repositioned.

There are rubber pads underneath the set screws on all of the sliders. Care must be exercised when tightening the set screws as carbon can be crushed by over tightening.

Periodically check the set screws in the sliders, especially the Delrin sliders. Heavy vibrations can sometimes cause them to loosen.

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